Linnamäe industrial area

Description of the area

The Linnamäe industrial area is located on the Keila–Haapsalu road, about 14 km from the centre of Haapsalu. The business area covers a total of ten hectares across the different territories and there is significant potential for expansion. The area around the Linnamäe industrial area is undeveloped. This is also confirmed by the fact that there is a total of around 16 ha of agricultural land in the vicinity of the industrial area that could be extended as an industrial area if necessary. A significant amount of available land means that the area has potential. The Linnamäe industrial area is also relatively close to the city of Haapsalu – about a 15-minute drive away, which encourages labour migration to the Linnamäe industrial area. It is also possible to get to the Linnamäe industrial estate by public transport (Linnamäe or Oru village stops).

The industrial area of Linnamäe is mainly characterised by various production buildings, workshops-garages, warehouses, including grain dryers. They are mainly involved in the cultivation of agricultural products, their processing, and the maintenance of various types of equipment. At present, it is a predominantly agricultural area with a lot of potential for expansion.

Companies aready operating in the area


Plot map of the area

A bird’s-eye view

Foto: Maaamet 2021