Kullamaa industrial area

Description of the area

The Kullamaa industrial area is located in the south-eastern corner of Läänemaa, 47 km from the centre of Haapsalu (a 36-minute drive). The industrial area covers a total area of nearly 10.5 hectares with different territories combined. However, the area has good opportunities for expansion, notably on 25 ha agricultural land in the immediate vicinity of the industrial area (including a sawmill currently registered as agricultural land). In terms of buildings, the industrial area of Kullamaa is characterised by various agricultural buildings: barns, farms, and sheds. There is also a garage, storage buildings (dryers), a timber industry building, and technical buildings. However, the land with expansion potential is largely undeveloped and cultivated and its use as industrial land will require changes in planning. The village of Kullamaa has a population of 247[1] and labour migration from nearby areas is necessary for business development. The nearest of the larger settlements is Märjamaa, 28 km away and with a population of nearly 2,700. Lihula, with a population of 1,189, is also 32 km away[2]. Traveling to Kullamaa by public transport takes about 45 minutes from Märjamaa and Lihula; and over an hour from Haapsalu.

The buildings of the business area outlined above are mainly used for manufacturing, animal husbandry, and the storage of agricultural products. The concentration of a significant proportion of industrial activity in one area can make an industrial area dependent on agriculture and, if something were to happen to this sector, the entire industrial region would suffer greatly. However, as long as there is a demand for it, the concentration of the sector in the region will ensure secure jobs and moderate growth prospects.

Companies aready operating in the area


Plot map of the area

A bird’s-eye viewFoto: Maaamet 2022