Uuemõisa industrial area

Description of the area


The Uuemõisa industrial area is located in the small town of Uuemõisa near Haapsalu. The industrial area is divided in two by the Haapsalu–Ääsmäe road No. 9. One part of the area lies to the north of the road and the other to the south.

Benefits of the industry:

  • The area is crossed by the Haapsalu–Ääsmäe highway used for transport between the cities Tallinn-Haapsalu-Hiiumaa.
  • It is located 4 km from Haapsalu and 97 km from Tallinn.
  • It is adjacent to the prospective Turba–Haapsalu–Rohuküla railway.
  • Haapsalu Vocational Education and Training Centre is located nearby (c. 1 km). The following specialities can be studied at the centre:

– Junior IT Systems Specialist;

– Tourism;

– Accommodation and catering;

– Cleaning services;

– Construction;

– Woodwork;

– Handicraft;

– Accounting;

– Office work;

– Social care;

– Daycare;

  • The Uuemõisa Nursery and Primary School is located close to the industrial area.
  • Petrol stations: Circle-K, Olerex, Neste.
  • Food shops: Uuemõisa Coop, Selver.
  • Cafés and restaurants
  • There are both private and apartment buildings in the vicinity of the industrial area.
  • There are several bus stops in the vicinity of the industrial area that serve city, county, and long-distance routes – there are good connections to the city of Haapsalu, Lääne-Nigula rural municipality, and Tallinn.
  • There is no paid parking in the area.
  • The nearby Uuemõisa Park is a recreational area with DiscGolf courses.

Plot map of the Uuemõisa industrial area

A bird’s-eye view