Pürksi industrial area

Description of the area

The Pürksi industrial area is located about 35 km from the centre of Haapsalu. The industrial area covers a total area of nearly 22 hectares with different territories combined. The Pürksi industrial area also has significant potential for expansion mainly at the expense of the agricultural land (c. 45 ha) surrounding the industrial area. The industrial area of Pürksi is characterised by a variety of buildings, mainly livestock buildings, warehouses, and transport buildings. The land with potential for expansion is largely undeveloped and likely to be used for cultivation and livestock farming, which could make expansion problematic in places. The village of Pürksi has a population of 186, which may further hinder the potential development of the industrial area – if the area lacks both the required workforce and consequently the potential investments, an expansion plan is difficult to carry out. One way to alleviate the potential labour shortage is labour migration, but this would probably be from Haapsalu and its surrounding areas, as nearby settlements are similarly underpopulated. While the availability of public transport facilitates commuting to work in more remote areas, the journey from Haapsalu centre to Pürksi takes over 50 minutes.

Companies aready operating in the area


Plot map of the area

A bird’s-eye viewFoto: Maaamet 2021