The industrial area of Tööstuse Street in Haapsalu

Description of the area


The industrial area of Tööstuse Street in Haapsalu is located in the city of Haapsalu, in the area bordering the Lihula road, the railway, and Tööstuse Street. A large part of the industrial area is made up of the so-called former MEK buildings and the buildings of the former Haapsalu bread factory. In addition to the former and new production buildings, the buildings of the Haapsalu Fire Brigade are also located in the area.

Benefits of the industry:

  • The area is easily accessible, even for larger cars.
  • Located close enough to the centre of Haapsalu to provide services to the residents of the town.
  • The area is equipped with a road network and other communications.
  • The area is adjacent to the prospective Turba–Haapsalu–Rohuküla railway.
    There are a number of active businesses in the area.
  • The City of Haapsalu is planning to expand the area and is in the process of preparing a detailed plan for new plots.
  • Approaching the industrial area from the city, you will find the Haapsalu Elementary School and the Vikerkaar kindergarten. It is comfortable for both children and parents.
  • Nearby city centre services: department store, Konsum, Rimi, restaurants, etc.
  • There are no residential areas in the vicinity of the industrial site. The nearest residential areas are on the other side of the railway line and the Lihula road and are at a sufficient distance not to disturb residents.
  • Nearby public transport stops.
  • There is no paid parking in the area.

Plot map of the Tööstuse industrial area

A bird’s-eye view

Foto: Maa-amet 2021