Palivere industrial area

Description of the area

The main industrial area of the Palivere plant is located near the Ääsmäe–Haapsalu–Rohuküla road, on the Palivere–Oonga road, about 25 km from the centre of Haapsalu. The industrial site covers a total area of more than 38 hectares, combining different territories, and has significant potential for expansion on around 13 hectares. The Palivere industrial area is characterised by manufacturing and warehousing buildings of various sizes. However, the land with expansion potential is largely undeveloped agricultural land. The existence of a large area that allows expansion means that, in theory, the area has a lot potential. The area is a 20-minute drive from Haapsalu. A bus ride takes 30 minutes (Tehase stop).

The industrial area of the Palivere factory is mainly characterised by different types of buildings, such as factories, production buildings, mechanic workshops, and agricultural buildings (sheds and other buildings). Companies operating there are mainly involved in the wood industry, the manufacture of electronic components, agricultural support activities, metalworking, and glassworking. The high share of manufacturing industry in the industrial area reduces to some extent the volatility of the area and, to some extent, its adaptability. At the same time, the area has considerable potential for expansion – therefore, the industrial area can be developed further.

Plot map of the area

Companies aready operating in the area


A bird’s-eye viewFoto: Maaamet 2022