Kiltsi industrial area

Description of the area

The Kiltsi industrial area is located along the Ääsmäe–Haapsalu–Rohuküla road towards Rohuküla, about 4 km from the centre of Haapsalu. The potential business area covers an area of around 30.5 hectares, with potential for further expansion on approx. 10 hectares due to the open space. The Kilts industrial area has nearly 25 hectares of publicly owned industrial and commercial land without buildings and, to a lesser extent, privately and commercially owned industrial and commercial land. The plots with buildings have mainly warehouses and production buildings on them. Companies operating there are mainly involved in property rental and manufacturing. As this is a largely undeveloped area, it is likely that there will be other companies operating in other fields in the Kilts area and further developments are possible if desired.

Companies aready operating in the area


Plot map of the Kiltsi industrial area

A bird’s-eye view

Foto: Maaamet 2021