Taebla industrial area

Description of the area

The Taebla industrial area is located 13 kilometres from the centre of Haapsalu (a 13-minute drive). The industrial area covers an area of approximately 11.7 ha and the land with no current function and public land allow for further expansion on approx. 22 ha. The location of the Taebla industrial area relatively close to the city offers additional development prospects for the area, as the Ääsmäe–Haapsalu–Rohuküla highway offers a wide range of transport options, both private and public. A good infrastructure connection to the small town of Taebla from Haapsalu is important for the 10,000 people living in Haapsalu, allowing them to move to and from the industrial area of Taebla. A one-way bus ride from the Haapsalu centre to Taebla takes 18 minutes.

Plot map of the area

Companies aready operating in the area


A bird’s-eye view